What We Do


We own and operate a BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certified and modern independent hatchery in Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh, which is very close to our shrimp farmlands. The current capacity of the hatchery is around 500 Mn post larvae per year. The genetically strong brood stock is imported to Miami every 6 months to breed and deliver the premium seed. Our goal is to achieve backward integration by propagating self-farming and to ensure the welfare of our farmer network.

Shrimp Feed

Sandhya Aqua started the construction of a modern feed mill in an area of 15 acres with a capacity of 66,000 MT of shrimp feed production. Our farms consume around 6100 MT of feed annually and with the Indian shrimp feed industry expanding, we seek to develop and supply high quality feed for better crop.

Shrimp Farms

Today we are one of the largest sea food companies in India to backwardly integrate and farm around 1000 acres of land with a capacity of 4500 MT/year of high-quality shrimp. The first in India to receive a BAP certification, our company operates around 1000 acres (owned and leased) of both ASC and BAP certified farms to cater in global standards. Our greatest asset is our extensive knowledge in Shrimp Aquaculture and their farming techniques that gives us the leverage to meet the expectations of our clients and expand our business further.

Farm UnitLocationNo. of AcresCrops/YearAnnual Output
Farm-1Velagapudi, Prakasam Dist., AP200 AcresTwo~900 Tons
Farm-2Beeramgunta, Prakasam Dist., AP100 AcresTwo~450 Tons
Farm-3Kanaparthi, Prakasam Dist., AP100 AcresTwo~450 Tons
Farm-4Kruthivennu, Krishna, AP300 AcresTwo~1350 Tons
Farm-5Tangutur, Prakasam Dist., AP100 AcresTwo~450 Tons
Farm-6Gundayapalem, Prakasam Dist., AP200 AcresTwo~900 Tons

Processing Facilities

“Quality and service” is what we stand for at Sandhya Aqua. Our world-class processing units are strategically located near our shrimp farms. The efficiency of our process, work-force availability and other key factors contribute towards greater adaptability and higher productivity. Today, we operate in 3 units with 8 IQF lines, 4 cooking lines and 6 plate freezers to process 50,000 MT/year.

FacilityEstd. YearLocationAnnual Capacity (Only IQF lines)Product LinesValue Addition (%)WarehouseEmployees
Unit-12008Vijayawada, AP12,000 MT2 IQF’s, 1 cooking line, 2 plate freezers40%~800 Tons~1500
Unit-22019Vijayawada, AP12,000 MT2 IQF’s, 1 cooking line, 2 plate freezers50%~1000 Tons~1800
KKD-SEZ2021Kakinada, AP18,000 MT4 IQF’s, 2 cooking line, 2 plate freezers60%~3000 Tons~3000


Our technology is our greatest asset in managing the demands from the foreign group import companies. Today, we work with 8-IQF lines from Glory Machinery which can individually quick freeze 6 tons per hour at – 43 degree celsius and 4 cooking lines supported by Laitram Machinery. Technology is the backbone of the higher productivity we have today, our long-term goal is to produce a range of value-added products that are currently processed in Vietnam, China and Thailand.

Glory IQF750 kgs/hr. – 2 
900 kgs/hr. – 6
Laitram Cooker’s900 kgs/hr. – 2
1200 kgs/hr. – 2
Plate Freezers540 kgs/2 hr. – 2 
750 kgs/2 hr. – 3

Raw material

The extensive experience and knowledge of our management team about the Global and Indian shrimp Industry has helped us develop a strong and reliable farmer network. Our raw materials are being procured from West Bengal to Tamil Nadu in South East India, with 70% coming from Andhra Pradesh. Our purchasing is headquartered out of Bhimavaram, the shrimp capital of India and deals with transactions of 100 MT per day in total of all counts to cater to our diverse clientele. This well-established framework benefits our farmer network to sell the harvest at any point of the crop cycle.

Manufacturing Procedure 

Sandhya Aqua has joined hands with a technology firm to develop AI/ML based ERP system, first of its kind in the industry to support the dynamic operations, to increase productivity and preserve the quality of perishable seafood. In 2019, Walmart, a key customer of Sandhya Aqua signed an MOU with a company to support the development and implementation of Blockchain technology in the raw material supply chain for traceability.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA & QC)

At Sandhya Aqua, we take pride in the quality of our products. Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control department uses a hands-on approach to ensure that our products are of top of the line. Our team of highly skilled and trained professionals are an integral part of our commitment to customers to give them the best product. We have internal laboratories with state-of-the-art testing machines for antibiotics as well as to obtain microbiological reports. Our high-level executives are qualified to conduct farm audits and we have taken several steps towards our farmer network in getting their farms ASC and BAP certified by educating them with better aquaculture practices and yield techniques.

Import and Distribution

United States of America
AZ Gems is a family-owned import division and is USA’s 2nd largest shrimp importer. AZ Gems has strong capabilities in sales & marketing, inland logistics, warehousing and distribution network across the USA from East to West coast. AZ Gems has become a trusted supplier to our customers in very less time by valuing our core principles of customer centricity & sustainability. Aqua Gems is an in-house brand developed by our team with utmost care and high quality to cater the demand of clubs, small retailers and restaurant chains.
Bonmea Europe

A European import division was established in 2017 and headquartered at Frankfurt, Germany. Bonmea Foods is ranked 22nd among Europe’s top 25 fastest growing companies as per Financial Times’ report in the year 2020. The European division is expected to reach revenues of $25 Mn in the year 2021-22.

Select Source

Select Source, a Canadian seafood import division established in 2018 that also operates as a distributor across Canada.